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Enviromental Impact Assessment

Client: MMG Gold Company Limited


PaulSam Geo Engineering Co. Ltd is proud to present its involvement in extension of the existing surface mine to underground mining operation. The proposed underground gold mine was established within the existing mining Licenses (MLs) 449-2011 and 450-2011 expected to operate for three years.  The Approved Environmental Impact Assessment did not consider the underground mining hence; a separate Environmental Impact Assessment was necessary prior to development of the extension project.

Key Objectives:

  • Conduct site reconnaissance, observation, inspection, and assessment to understand the existing conditions.

  • Establish baseline data for environment including air quality, water quality, and soil analysis.

  • Identify stakeholders and engage in meaningful consultations to ensure community involvement.

  • Sample and analyze monitoring parameters for a comprehensive assessment.

  • Assess potential environmental and cultural impacts stemming from the project and propose effective mitigation measures.

  • Develop a management and monitoring plan to implement these mitigation and enhancement measures.

  • Compile a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report and submit it to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Project Scope:

  • This EIA process was conducted in extension of the existing surface mine to underground mining operation at MMG Gold Company Limited which plays a significant role in the region's economy and employment. We are committed to ensuring that these extension are carried out with utmost care and consideration for the environment and local communities.

We at PaulSam Geo Engineering Co Ltd Consultants are dedicated to contributing to responsible and sustainable mining practices, and this EIA process is a testament to our commitment.

Stakeholder Engagement
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