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 Nyanzaga Gold Mining Project

 Sengerema District, Mwanza Region

Project type: Social and Resettlement Studies

Ownership: Wholly owned by Orecorp Ltd, an Australian company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Nyanzaga Gold Mining Project, situated in the scenic Sengerema District of the Mwanza region, is a significant endeavor wholly owned by Orecorp Ltd, a reputable Australian company trading on the Australian Stock Exchange. This project focuses on the exploration and extraction of gold resources in the region.

Key Achievements:

  • Community Engagement and Social Sensitization: The Project has prioritized engagement with the local community and stakeholders. This proactive approach has facilitated the surveying of 7,522 Project Affected Persons (PAPs) within 978 households. Of these, 349 households comprising approximately 2,651 PAPs were identified for relocation from within the Special Mining License (SML) application area, which spans about 5,212 acres of land.

  • Land Delineation and Asset Valuation: The project team has conducted thorough land delineation surveys and assessed the value of assets owned by the PAPs scheduled for relocation. This involved meticulous management of logistics, including fleet management, camp accommodation, field data collection, database management, and ensuring safety and health standards.

  • Socio-Economic Surveys and Livelihood Restoration: As part of its commitment to responsible mining practices, the project conducted socio-economic surveys for the relocated PAPs. The data collected is instrumental in the formulation of a comprehensive Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), ensuring that the affected individuals and families are supported in their transition.

  • Land Replacement and Community Support:  PaulSam has actively assisted in securing replacement land for the relocated PAPs. New homes are being established in the villages of Ngoma, Nyasigu, and Lubungo, located within the Igalula Ward of the Sengerema District, Mwanza Region. These efforts are part of our commitment to the well-being and sustainable development of the local community.

We remain dedicated to responsible mining practices and the prosperity of the Sengerema community, ensuring that our project contributes positively to both the environment and the people who call this Region home.

Stakeholder Engagement  to the PAPS
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